Breakfast Around the World by Bridget Davis

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ISBN 9781921024917 New Holland Publishers 2018 paperback 156

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Breakfast didn’t earn its ‘most important meal of the day’ moniker by mistake.
One of the best things about breakfast is that you can actually eat it any time of
day and there would be zero complaints.
The day’s first feast cannot be underestimated and by no means, is it boring!
Breakfast varies wildly around the world but for many of us, we choose ‘familiar’
and eat the same breakfast day in & day out. This cookbook will change all
that with 50 breakfast recipes from around the world to get your day started
differently & deliciously.
Bridget Davis has spent a life in professional kitchens and it was Bill Granger (restaurateur & cook famous
for his ricotta hotcakes; scrambled eggs & corn fritters)