Bodega Cat by Chin, Louie

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ISBN 9781576879320 – POW! – RANDOM HOUSE US: Hardback 32 pp – Sep 2019

Born and raised in New York, Louie Chin is an illustrator whose work includes commercial and editorial content, as well as individual commissions. He has created illustrations for a variety of publications and projects, including The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Nike, and the children’s book, Don’t Ask a Dinosaur. Working with both traditional and modern media, such as watercolor, gouache, and digital art software, his biggest influences and inspirations come from comics, movies, and his daily observations of life in NYC. He has always been an animal lover, and there is one family pet in particular from which he drew inspiration for Bodega Cat-a spirited and feisty orange tabby cat named Simba. His favorite bodega order is coffee and an egg and sausage sandwich on a toasted roll on a cold day. Bodega Cat is the first book that he both wrote and illustrated. He currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

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Bodega Cat is an ode to New York’s iconic feline friend, a day in the life of the savviest city-dweller on four legs.

Bodega is a Spanish word for “grocery store”, but they are so much more than just convenient shops.Bodegas are often a community cornerstone, a welcoming neighborhood haven, and in New York, an emblem of the city’s cultural diversity. And who knows these treasured institutions better than the cats who run them, or at lest think they do! A cat named Chip takes us through his bustling workday at Matos Family Bodega- from receiving boxes in the morning and the breakfast rush, through inventory counting and making deliveries, to dinnertime with his family when Chip’s human-Dad cooks up some of the best Dominican food in the borough for their friends and neighbors. Chip loves chasing pigeons with his cat-friend Ja-Young, who “runs” the Korean grocery stores across the street, being chased by the local kids when they get our of school, and “helping” his human-brother Damian with his homework. But there is no rest for this busy kitty…except for naptime on the potato chip bags. A celebration of community, family, and city life.