Bauhaus Diaspora and Beyond: Transforming Education in Art, Architecture and Design by Stephen, Ann

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Stephen, Ann & McNamara, Andrew & Edquist, Harriet

ISBN 9780522875621 – MIEGUNYAH PRESS – MELBOURNE UNIVERSITY PUB Paperback pp – August 2019

Ann Stephen is an art historian and Senior Curator of the University Art Gallery and Art Collection at the University of Sydney.
Philip Goad is Chair of Architecture, Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor and co-director of the Australian Centre for Architectural History, Urban and Cultural Heritage at the University of Melbourne.
Andrew McNamara teaches art history at the Queensland University of Technology.
Harriet Edquist is Professor of Architectural History and Director of RMIT Design Archives at RMIT University.
Isabel W nsche is Professor of Art and Art History at Jacobs University Bremen in Germany.

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Bauhaus Diaspora and Beyond- Transforming Education in Art, Architecture and Design presents an extraordinary new Australasian cultural history. It is a migrant and refugee story- from 1930, the arrival of so many emigre, internee and refugee educators helped to transform art, architecture and design in Australia and New Zealand. Fifteen thematic essays and twenty individual case studies bring to light a tremendous amount of new archival material in order to show how these innovative educators, exiled from Nazism, introduced Bauhaus ideas and models to a new world. As their Bauhaus model spanned art, architecture and design, the book provides a unique cross-disciplinary, emigre history of art education in Australia and New Zealand. It offers a remarkable and little-known chapter in the wider Bauhaus venture, which has multiple legacies and continues to inform our conceptions of progressive education, creativity and the role of art and design in the wider community.