All You Need Is a Pencil: The Totally Sick Sick-Day Activity Book by Shulman, Mark

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ISBN 9781623540944 – CHARLESBRIDGE CHILDREN – RANDOM HOUSE US: Paperback 144 pp – Sep 2019

Mark Shulman has written many books about many things–sharks, storms, robots, palindromes, gorillas, Star Wars, Ben Franklin, and more. Mark is from Rochester and Buffalo, New York, but he has lived in New York City for many years.

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A perfect, device-free remedy to what to do when the kids are home from school sick, offering hours of unplugged entertainment.

Ideal for resting in bed, recuperating on the couch, or curling up with the dog on a sick day, the All You Need Is a Pencil series provides hours of fun with no screentime or electronic device required. Dozens of activities, quizzes, games, and puzzles will keep kids busy when a temperature has kept them home from school. Learn about famous doctors, unscramble medical marvels, and solve sickly problems while on the mend.