100 Cats by Whaite, Michael

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ISBN 9780241347836 – Puffin – Penguin UK: Paperback 32 pp – Sep 2019

Michael Whaite is a writer, illustrator and animator. He has worked in children’s television for over 25 years. He lives in leafy Lancashire with his wife and daughter.

Find 100 feline friends packed into the pages of this hilarious read-aloud picture book delightcatnip for children and cat-lovers alike!

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The purrfect sequel to the award-winning 100 Dogs!

Sitting cat, spitting cat, tangled-in-your-knitting cat, paw cat, claw cat ruining your chair!
New cat, shoo cat! Living in the zoo cat, swing cat, cling cat . . . hang in there!

This laugh-out-loud picture book is a brilliant read-aloud rhyming romp through a cornucopia of cats in silly scenarios. Follow the cat-and-mouse subplot and find endless funny details to delight read-after-read.

Barking mad about dogs as well as cats? Check out 100 Dogs – Winner of the Sainsbury’s Children’s Book Awards for Best Picture Book and Children’s Book of the Year!

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