We are happy to list any self-published books on this website. Just send details: Title, Author, ISBN, Publisher, Format (P/B / H/C), Short description, Long description, Classification (Fiction / Non-fiction: subject) Price, Where available.

Where available can be your postal address, your website address, etc. If you would like us to handle the payments we would like a discount of 15%. Otherwise there is no charge.

If you don’t yet have an ISBN ask us how to get one.

If your book is still in manuscript stage, ask us to help you find a publisher who can quote you for printing as well as editorial services.

Self publishing has led to the success of many authors.  

The traditional way to get a book published is to get an agent to submit your manuscript to various publishers with the object of getting one to make a deal. The publisher would pay for the cost of printing, publishing and promoting the book and give the author an advance on royalties. Promoting can include having sales representatives visit bookseller chains to get them to stock and display the book. i.e. The publisher takes the risk.

Self-publishing is where the author takes the risk. But we know of publishers who can help promote self published books in exchange for a percentage.

If your book is good it can still just sit in boxes in your garage if you don’t promote it to the world.